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Peter van Kets
First African to cross the Atlantic rowing SOLO!
5500Kms & 76 Days at sea - that's 11 weeks man-aleen!!!
100% Committed Well done Pete!
MangoSMS was used by the charity as a fund raiser sending daily updates to fans, loved ones and others

MangoSMS ver 1.3xx
Version 1.3 introduces "Relationships". When enabled this feature uses an additional page in the send wizard to redirect SMSs from the selected contact to the related "Person-of" the contact. This is an extreemely powerful feature, particularly useful for clubs and schools. Use it to send SMSs to the mothers of grade 2 learners, the taxi drivers of grade 3 learners, the "account contact" of grade 1, 2 & 3 learners ... etc. etc.

Improved performance - startup, GUI, and reduced memory footprint.

Purchase history is now displayed in the Mango, ready for printing options still to come.

MangoSMS ver 1.232
SMS delivery now with network confirmations. Replies can be routed to Mango, cell-phone, other cell-phone or email. Scheduled messages can be recalled.

Mango Movies ver 7.131
latest version now with 5 great new reports and support for SMS replies

Peter van Kets
Rowing SOLO across the Atlantic !!!
Canary's - Antigua started 5 Jan 2010 YelloPeter Peter van Kets
is using MangoSMS for the 5400Km 2010 Atlantic Rowing Race -  Interview with Dispatch Online

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This website is still growing, more sales information will be added. Please send us an email and one of our sales consultants will get back to you.

More support to come, FAQ's, screenshots and other support notes. Please send us an email with any support query and we'll get back to you.



Garden Route

Keith Shearer

Keith 083-407-2865, Mark 076-473-7007
(e) Sales
Keith does sales & marketing work for Mangobytes and looks after MangoSMS product and brand. "MangoSMS is the best SMSter in the country, and we're still bringing new ideas into it. Our key ojectives with MangoSMS are simplicty, functionality and affordability. Many of Mangos strengths are passive like "names to numbers" and "delivery receipts". Relationships is an extreemely powerful feature, but its not always appropriate, so it can be switched off and unnecessary pages are not displayed. Much of MangoSMS has been shaped from customer feed-back, so please tell us what you think. What's the best thing about Mango, what's the worst thing?
Garden Route

Cliffy Coombe

Agent for many sporting brands
Cliffy 082-412-7972, Tracy 08x-xxx-xxxx
(e) Cliffy, Tracy
Cliffy is shore manager for Peter van Kets, and connected into many other sporting bodies and suppliers. His work is mainly with distribution and retail outlets, and he promotes Mango to his clients as a service. In his own words, " I don't see how you could be running a retail operation without it, I give it to all my clients, it gives them a competative edge, and they love it !"
Garden Route

Anza Witbank

Thulani Communications
Anza 079-232-9422
(e) Anza
Anza distributes PABX and other communication systems to businesses on the east rand. She recommends MangoSMS because it has proven to be the best PC SMS tool for her clients. "Most of my clients don't like the web based stuff, they just need something quick and easy that can handle relies and print."



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