"The best video store software that I've ever seen. Tight control on stock, staff and cash. The reports are concise & effective ... We implemented it in Feb 2009 and our average profit has improved 20% ever since" - John Lock

Mango Movies

“Most comprehensive Video Store solution in Africa”


Peter van Kets
First African to cross the Atlantic rowing SOLO!
5500Kms & 76 Days at sea - that's 11 weeks man-aleen!!!
100% Committed Well done Pete!
MangoSMS was used by the charity as a fund raiser sending daily updates to fans, loved ones and others

MangoSMS ver 1.3xx
Version 1.3 introduces "Relationships". When enabled this feature uses an additional page in the send wizard to redirect SMSs from the selected contact to the related "Person-of" the contact. This is an extreemely powerful feature, particularly useful for clubs and schools. Use it to send SMSs to the mothers of grade 2 learners, the taxi drivers of grade 3 learners, the "account contact" of grade 1, 2 & 3 learners ... etc. etc.

Improved performance - startup, GUI, and reduced memory footprint.

Purchase history is now displayed in the Mango, ready for printing options still to come.

MangoSMS ver 1.232
SMS delivery now with network confirmations. Replies can be routed to Mango, cell-phone, other cell-phone or email. Scheduled messages can be recalled.

Mango Movies ver 7.131
latest version now with 5 great new reports and support for SMS replies

Peter van Kets
Rowing SOLO across the Atlantic !!!
Canary's - Antigua started 5 Jan 2010 YelloPeter Peter van Kets
is using MangoSMS for the 5400Km 2010 Atlantic Rowing Race -  Interview with Dispatch Online

More Mango Movies going in this year - Western Cape

Lemon & Lime DVD
Knysna, Plett & Sedgefield
now online

Mango Movies is a fully comprehensive video store management product. It controls day to day tasks from stock, GRVs and sales, to cash-up and profit & loss. Mango Movies' main emphasis is on business control. It has a strong security aspect and forensic reports that marry staff activity to stock discrepancies and cash. The consistent use of SMS's extends service to customers and saves on the phone bill.

Mango Movies will be your most productive and most responsible staff member you've ever had.
Windows product, low hardware requirement, feature-rich, quick to learn and easy to use.

Standard Features
  • Pin and password security with unlimited access levels

  • Staff rostering and a complete account of hours worked

  • Easy labeling - print movie box labels with bar codes for easy invoicing

  • Stock system intellegently follows store's rack/slot system

  • Quickfind searching at the invoice finds customers and stock instantly using partial search as you type

  • Statistics on top movies, top customers and more

  • Internet cafe control & sundry item sales

  • Extensive reports & graphs, with a few well designed all-in-one reports for crutial business areas.

  • Complete breakdown of staff turnover

  • Hour by hour and day by day analysis of turnover to budget

  • Integrated SMS takes care of all the follow-ups for you - lates, dues, booked movies, customer birthdays etc.

  • Low hardware specification - Mango Movies will run on a basic XP machine. Bar code scanners are supported, touch screens are supported, neither are required.

  • Fully comprehensive, fully network capable. Software is licensed per store, not per PC.

  • Subscription software - fixed monthly cost plus SMSs at special rate

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Advanced Features
  • Define contract options by genre, classification, format, etc.

  • Create specials by genre, classification, format, etc.

  • Define different prices for different days of the week

  • Setup specials for public holidays. Setup discount times of day - happy hour :-)

  • Limit specials and contracts to predefined validity periods.

  • Allow for adjustable units on contracts, determined at point of sale

  • Intelligent booking system automatically finds available copies of movies

  • Hire movies, sell sundries or contracts and pay fines all on one invoice

  • Unlimited family members per account each with their own photo ID

  • Customer hire trends show what movies customers like to watch

  • Control bonus discs and be notified to add them to the invoice

  • Reward system for the timely return of movies

  • System allows for workshop/broken stock

  • SMS custom messages to individual / selected / filtered / all customers - replies come back to PC

  • Staff tracking logs all security violations performed by staff members

  • Daily cashup shows turnover, cash, card, petty cash drawings from till etc. on a single report

R350 Monthly subscription includes site license, product updates, telephone support.
Video stores typically use 800-1000 SMS per month at a special rate of R300 per 1000.


Meet the team, meet the product

Please send us an email and one of our sales consultants will contact you directly. Although Mango Movies is quick to install, there are usually many other aspects that the business owner needs to discuss, typically changing from existing systems, data conversions, staff training and implementation. This product runs every aspect of your business, and we'll be there to walk you through it.

On the product side, Mango Movies has been in service since 2004. Through client feedback and active participation in the Video industry, many features have been added. It is now undoubtedly the most comprehensive video store managment product in Africa. New product sales indicate that we're on the right track. On the support side development is current with many improvements just recently published. We've had a lot of feedback lately, most of these have been aspects that could be addressed better and will be attended to.

Mangobytes is committed to developing the best video store product in the world !
So give us a call, and let Mango Movies impress you !


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