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Ver 1.3 introduces "RELATIONSHIPS"
option designed for schools.

Latest full version
version 1.321
Mar 2010
MangoSMS_1321.msi10.5 MB 5 minutes on 384Kbs ADSL
Update Only
version 1.322
Mar 2010
update_1322.exe 7 MB4 minutes on 384Kbs ADSL
Update Only
version 1.323
Nov 2011
update_1323.exe 7 MB4 minutes on 384Kbs ADSL
10 free credits
MANGO10 N/AThat's "Mango ten"
Code works once per PC
.NET Framework
version 3.5
Nov 2008
Full package inc.
Service pack 1
231 MBIncluded on MangoSMS CD
** See notes below


** MangoSMS requires Microsoft .NET framework version 3.5, a library of Microsoft components that may already be installed on the computer. If so, it would be listed in Windows control panel under "(Add & Remove) Programs & Features".

MangoSMS CD installation automatically checks for the framework. If required, it will install it from the CD. MangoSMS Web installation also checks for the framework. If required, it will download and install it from the Internet.

The Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 is included on the MangoSMS installation CD. It is also available for download from the official Microsoft site, or Windows update.

Future development      
Next version
Send Business Card Coming
Print an SMS Coming
Outlook plug-inComing
Send international – rate depending on countryComing
Printed reportsComing
Web interface For remote SMSing & accounting


Known Issues
Mango downloads update and does not apply it. Resolved from 1.3 onwards - Close MangoSMS, right click the tray icon near the system clock, choose exit. It should update, otherwise download new version, double click and install. Contacts and data will not be affected.
Mango wont update. Resolved from 1.3 onwards - Live update has been reworked to download and install in one go. Mangos prior to ver 1.2 might not apply the update. This can be resolved by overinstalling with the latest version. Close MangoSMS, right click the tray icon near the system clock, choose exit. Download new version, double click and install. Contacts and data will not be affected.
MangoSMS not working behind IPCOP / SQUID type firewall This has been resolved from ver 1.320 onwards. And is caused by SQUID adhering to strict HTTP 1.1 proxy standards, that are incorrectly implemented by the Microsoft framework.
Scheduled messages show numbers Messages in the outbox and sent box, that were sent using the scheduler, display with phone numbers rather than names. This works perfectly, just is user unfriendly - to be changed to names.
Multipart SMS can arrive backwardsYes, very rarely it can happen that a multipart message arrives 2nd part before the 1st part. This is not just a Mango thing, it can happen even from handsets. MangoSMS sends multipart messages as a whole lot of single messages which works accross all networks and for all countries. Most networks offer concatenated or multi-part messages which are more reliable, but often restricted to max 2 part or max 5 part, which is also a problem, and also cost more than singles.
Networked MangosThere are some network issues that we already know about, please send us an email or call that we can assist. How are your computers networked ? (A) Each Mango lives independently on each computer (B) MangoSMS database file lives on server (C) MangoSMS database file lives on someone elses workstation computer. How are the Mangos linked? (1) Mangos share a database file, but have seperate accounts (2) Mangos share accounts but live independently on seperate computers with seperate databases (3) Mangos share database files and share accounts. How many computers and Mango users? Brief description of the problem.


Past Issues
Ver 1.315 * Feb 2010
Update core filesNEWUpdate file is unusually big because it packages new versions of several core files
OptionsNEWOptions page has been reworked to cater for future settings
Purchase HistoryNEWView previous SMS bundle purchases from home page / "buy credits" button
Folder renamingRenaming folders with numbers at the end would cause even more numbers to append to the name
Templates would crash on saveFixed in ver 1.230 and later was still problematic. Template section has now been completely redone, problem resolved. Templates can be created on the go or seperately in template folder.
Networked updatesUpdater now looks in shared area then program area for updates. So networked users sharing a common database share downloaded updates, save bandwidth and all use the same version.
Number pad not workingTyping a cell-number from the number pad would not work, but did work using top row of keyboard
Reply to email Reply to email did not work, but replied to Mango instead. This was an SMTP problem and messages were redirected back to Mango until it was resolved.
Poor performanceMangos with many groups and sub-groups may have experienced really slow behaviour at the point of pressing send.
Ver 1.3 * Feb 2010 - Relationships
Ver 1.2 * Sep 2009 - Delivery receipts
Ver 1.1 * May 2009 - Public release


Technical Info
Registry Settings are stored in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MangoBytes\MangoSMS
Program Files Default installation directory is C:\Program Files\Mangobytes\MangoSMS
Active servers mangobytes.com, mangobytes.co.za


Send SMS from PC to cell-phone • Control replies – back to PC / cell-phone / email • Delivery receipts confirm HANDSET DELIVERY! • Import from Outlook, Access, Excel, Text • Store contacts and group them into multiple groups • Alter batches without affecting groups • Relate contacts to send to mother of child, account contact of client etc. • Create templates to personalize and send SMS batches • Schedule messages/batches up to 30 days in advance - recallable • Network installations can share a common database • Free Software • 10 Free SMS & Starter special • Feedback welcome, support@mangobytes.co.za • Dealer support, telephone, email & web • www.mangobytes.com
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